sábado, dezembro 08, 2007

War Photographer

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough." - Robert Capa

Documentário que acompanha James Nachtwey por vários cenários de guerra, destruição, morte e desgraça humana.

..."I discovered a man who had one arm and one leg. He'd been run over by a train seven years ago on a drunken night and somehow managed to survive. He was living with his wife and four children in the gravel between railway tracks. I could see that he was very loving towards his children; that they also loved him in return. That he was trying his best to keep his family together. And spent quite a bit of time documenting the life of this family."

"Why photograph war? Is it possible to put an end to a form of human behavior, which has existed throughout history, by the means of photography."
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